Many Places, Many Thoughts. One Place At A Time.

Art gives a visual voice to my experiences and emotions and helps me share them with people worldwide.

We create to feel we’re unique. We create to feel we’re not alone.

Still, for me, art is an aim in itself before being a means to achieve any mission.

Life is full of contractions and so is art.

“Many places, many thoughts. One place at a time.”

My art derives from meetings between my soul and body and the people I meet and the places I visit.

My mind doesn’t always speak the same language. My heart doesn’t always talk in the same tone.

It’s only human. If you listen carefully, you would still find a common thread, the same soul behind them.

Something very personal can have a universal appeal. It can happen immediately. I can take more than a lifetime.

Sometimes it is enough to find just another soul which resonates. It can even be just another part of myself.